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Demographic Reports
10 Year Index

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Index of Prior Grand Jury Reports

    County Of Sacramento

    1999-2000 9-1-1
    1995-1996 Campus Commons Golf Course Lease
    Capitol Area Development Authority Mismanagement
    Custodial Mental Health Survey
    1994-1995 County Food Service Operations
    County Owned Golf Facilities
    1993-1994 Financing of Local Government
    1990-1991 County Budget Planning Process

    Coroner's Office
    1999-2000 Fees For Transporting Bodies
    1998-1999 Review of Vendor Contracts and a Request for Proposal
    1996-1997 Abuse of Dependent Adults in an In-care Home
    1991-1992 Management Review and Follow-Up
    1990-1991 Management and Operations Review

    District Attorney's Office
    1999-2000 Crime Lab Staffing
    1997-1998 Child Abuse and Neglect
    Child Support and Welfare Agencies
    1996-1997 Use of American River Flood Control District Property for
    Personal Gain
    Child Support Collection and Enforcement
    Political Activities in School Districts
    1995-1996 Child Abuse In Sacramento County
    1992-1993 Communication and Internal Management
    Crime Laboratory
    Multidisciplinary Interview Center

    Department of General Services
    1997-1998 Policy on Emergency Forms in County Vehicles

    Office of Education
    1993-1994 Community Schools Usage

    Department of Health & Human Services
    1999-2000 Child Protective Services at the Crossroads
    1998-1999 Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento
    Mental Health Treatment Center Review of Operations
    1997-1998 Child Abuse and Neglect
    Employee Harassment
    1996-1997 Abuse of Dependent Adults in an In-care Home
    Senior and Adult Services Division Operations
    1995-1996 Alcohol and Other Abuse Treatment Initiative
    Child Abuse in Sacramento County
    1994-1995 Family Maintenance and Reunification
    Public Guardian and Conservatorship
    1993-1994 Children at Risk
    1991-1992 County Personal Services Contracts
    1990-1991 Child Abuse Report Appeal Process
    Child Abuse Reporting Requirements

    Department of Human Assistance
    1997-1998 Child Support and Welfare Agencies

    Department of Medical Systems
    1992-1993 Sacramento County Emergency Ambulance Provider

    Environmental Management Department
    1999-2000 Mismanagement at the Environmental Management Department
    1998-1999 Enforcement of the No-Smoking Law
    1996-1997 Review of Conflict of Interest Statement

    Office of Communications and Information Technology
    1998-1999 Sacramento Regional Radio Communications Systems

    Office of Economic Development
    1996-1997 Economic Incentive Policy

    Personnel Department
    1992-1993 County Employee Evaluations
    1991-1992 County Employee Evaluations
    1990-1991 Affirmative Action Programs
    County Employee Evaluations

    Probation Department
    1999-2000 Juvenile Justice Facilities and Staffing
    1994-1995 Boys' Ranch and Carson Creek High School
    1993-1994 Boys' Ranch and Carson Creek High School
    1992-1993 Juvenile Hall Mental Health Services and
    1991-1992 Boys' Ranch
    1990-1991 Juvenile Hall Disease Containment Protocol
    Boys' Ranch Communications
    Investigation of Juvenile Facilities
    Mace Training for Juvenile Work Project Supervisors
    Welfare and Institutions Code Section 654
    William K. Morgan Center

    Public Works Agency
    1997-1998 Sacramento International Airport Expansion Conflict of

    Sacramento Public Library
    1999-2000 Sacramento County Library Authority
    1992-1993 Use of Volunteers from Alternative Sentencing Program
    1991-1992 Consolidation of City/County Libraries

    Sacramento-Yolo Port District
    1994-1995 Administration and Operations

    Sheriff's Department
    1999-2000 Main Jail
    Work Release Facility: Alternative to Incarceration
    Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center
    Off-duty Work by Law Enforcement in Sacramento County
    1998-1999 Sacramento Regional Radio Communications System
    1997-1998 Use of Prostraint Chair at the Main Jail
    Child Abuse and Neglect
    Review of Escape at the Rio Consumnes Center in
    April 1997
    1996-1997 Abuse of Dependent Adults in an In-care Home
    Women's Holding Cells at the Main Jail
    1995-1996 Child Abuse In Sacramento County
    1994-1995 Jail Training for Police Officers
    1993-1994 Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center Women's
    Detention Facility
    1992-1993 Sheriff's Tactical Air Response Operation
    1991-1992 County/City-Activated Vehicle Towing
    Warehouse Storage for Correctional Facilities
    1990-1991 Jail Overcrowding and Electronic Monitoring
    Main Jail Grievance Procedures
    Outstanding Misdemeanor Warrants

    Department of Airports
    1997-1998 Sacramento International Airport Expansion Conflict of Interest
    1993-1994 Sacramento Executive Airport
    1991-1992 Executive Airport Operations

    Fire Districts in Sacramento County
    1995-1996 Firefighters: Our Local Heroes


    1993-1994 Certificates of Participation
    Financing of Local Government

    City of Folsom
    1996-1997 Industrial Incentives Economic Impact
    1990-1991 Affirmative Action Program
    Folsom Return to Custody

    City of Galt
    1997-1998 Review of Galt-Arno Cemetery Operations
    1996-1997 Galt-Arno Cemetery Operations

    City of Isleton
    1998-1999 Policies and Procedures of the Police Department and City
    1997-1998 Questionable Behavior Between a Police Officer and a
    1994-1995 Administrative/Fiscal Problems
    1991-1992 Policy/Procedure Manual - Isleton
    1990-1991 Administrative Leave - Police Department

    City of Sacramento
    1998-1999 Review of Sacramento Regional Radio Communications
    1997-1998 Use of Time and Resources in the Mayor's Office
    1996-1997 Financial Incentive for Targeted Businesses
    Sacramento Convention Center Operation
    Industrial Incentive's Economic Impact

    Sacramento City Police Department
    1995-1996 Child Abuse In Sacramento County
    1992-1993 Affirmative Action Program
    1991-1992 County/City - Activated Vehicle Towing
    1990-1991 Affirmative Action Program
    Alleged Use of Unnecessary Force by Sacramento Police

    Special Districts

    1993-1994 Certificates of Participation
    Financing of Local Government
    Remuneration to Special District Board Members

    American River Flood Control District
    1996-1997 Use of District Property for Personal Gain

    American River Fire Protection District
    1992-1993 Management Review

    Carmichael Water District
    1996-1997 District Operational Issues

    Fair Oaks Cemetery District
    1992-1993 Management Practices

    Galt-Arno Cemetery District
    1997-1998 Review of Operations and Business Procedures
    1996-1997 Review of Operational Procedures

    McClellan Air Force Base
    1998-1999 Base Conversion Office

    Regional County Sanitation District
    1996-1997 Industrial Incentives' Economic Impact

    Rio Linda/Elverta Community Water District
    1997-1998 Inappropriate Use of Funds and Staff Time
    Contractual Payments on a Certificate of Deposit

    Rio Linda/Elverta Recreation and Park District
    1997-1998 Use of District Funds for the Development of a Community Service District

    Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency
    1993-1994 Capitol Area Development Authority

    Sacramento Metropolitan Cable Television Commission
    1993-1994 Open Meeting Laws (The Brown Act)

    Sacramento Municipal Utility District
    1996-1997 Economic Development Plan

    Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District
    1998-1999 Review of District Operations
    1998-2000 Review of District Operations

    Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District
    1991-1992 Commercial Rates and Financial Operations


    1992-1993 Volunteers Working on School Grounds

    Center Unified School District
    1997-1998 Violations of the Brown Act

    Folsom Cordova Unified School District
    1992-1993 Inventory Practices
    1990-1991 Travel Policies

    Grant Joint Union High School District
    1993-1994 Policies, Procedures and Administration
    1991-1992 Operations and Management Practices

    Sacramento City Unified School District
    1994-1995 School District Maintenance
    Management, Fiscal Problems

    Sacramento Unified School District
    1997-1998 Allegation of Dual Employment with Two Public Agencies
    1996-1997 Lack of Response to Requests for Public Information

    Nonprofit Organizations

    Children's Receiving Home
    1992-1993 Follow-up Report
    1991-1992 Environment, Safety, Care Issues

    Sacramento Handicapped Parking Patrol, Inc.
    1994-1995 Unsatisfactory Conduct/Performance, County's Bidding Process,
    Contract Safeguards, and Provisions

1999/2000 Sacramento County Grand Jury - Final Report (Internet Version) June 30, 2000

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