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Jurisdiction Of The Sacramento County Grand Jury

    Within the jurisdiction of the Sacramento County Grand Jury are all local government agencies in Sacramento County. These include the government of Sacramento County, five municipalities, 138 special districts and eight multi-government agencies.

    County of Sacramento

    The five municipal governments in Sacramento County are the cities of Folsom, Isleton, Galt, Citrus Heights and Sacramento. The first four are general law cities-cities with standard charters provided by the State of California. The City of Sacramento operates under a charter specifically developed by the city.

    All five cities offer broad ranges of municipal services, including fire and police protection, water, sewage collection and treatment, solid waste management and parks and recreation. The cities are governed by elected city council members.

    Special Districts

    Of the 92 special districts in Sacramento County, 72 are independent and the remaining 20 are dependent. Independent special districts are governed by elected boards of directors. These boards are responsible for establishing district policies, approving budgets, and supervising the chief administrative officer of the district. In addition, board members set their own salaries and establish what benefits, if any, board members will receive.

    With the exception of the Elk Grove and Rancho Murieta community service districts and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), all of the independent special districts are single purpose, that is, they provide a single service to the community, such as, fire protection, parks and recreation or education. Twelve are school districts. Two of the districts have service areas which extend beyond Sacramento County. SMUD provides utility services in Sacramento County and a small portion of Placer County, while the Los Rios Community College District serves portions of Solano, Yolo, El Dorado and Placer counties, in addition to Sacramento County.

    Twenty of the dependent districts are governed by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, which makes major policy decisions for these districts. The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors appoints directors of these districts, with the appointed directors responsible for establishing operational policies including, generally, the hiring and supervision of a district administrator. Of these 20 dependent special districts, 7 provide park and recreation services, one provides street lighting, one is authorized to provice paratransit service, one provides fire protection, one provides air quality management, one provides street and highway maintenance, two provide sanitation services, four construct drainage facilities or perform flood control services and one constructs water supply facilities.

    Two additional dependent districts, the Sacramento-Yolo Port District and the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito Abatement District, are governed by commissions appointed by the city councils of Sacramento and West Sacramento and the boards of supervisors of the counties of Sacramento and Yolo.

    Multi-Government Agencies

    Services of a regional nature within Sacramento County are provided by eight agencies established jointly by the county and one or more of the cities (typically the City of Sacramento) of the county. The agencies administer services related to local agency formation, libraries, housing and rehabilitation, mass public transit, sanitation, cable television, transportation or flood control.

    The boards of directors of these agencies are composed of members of city councils and boards of supervisors or public members appointed by these elected officials. Staff support is provided by the respective agency or city or county staff members.

1999/2000 Sacramento County Grand Jury - Final Report (Internet Version) June 30, 2000

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