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Robla School District

    On March 10, 1999, the 1998-1999 Sacramento County Grand Jury visited the Robla School District Office, located at 5248 Rose St., Sacramento.


    According to the District superintendent:

    · Approximately 2,500 students are enrolled in the District's five elementary schools

    · Nineteen different languages are spoken by students within the District

    · One of the pre-eminent special programs offered is English as Second Language (ESL)

    · For socio-economic reasons, approximately 85 percent of the students participate in the free lunch program


    The Grand Jury learned that management was deliberate and careful in the way it allocated its meager resources to serve the needs of its diverse student population. The District has several goals. According to information given to the Grand Jury, one of these goals is to "develop and implement a long term plan to address the District facility needs over the next five to ten years, i.e., multi-track programs, school constructions, etc." However, its number-one issue is to "ensure continuous progress for student achievement, especially related to reading, writing and math."

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1998/99 Sacramento County Grand Jury - Final Report (Internet Version) June 30, 1999

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