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Clarksburg Elementary School (River Delta Unified School District)

    The 1998-1999 Sacramento County Grand Jury toured Clarksburg Elementary School, located at 52870 Netherlands Ave., Clarksburg, in the River Delta Unified School District on February 22, 1999.


    River Delta became a unified school district in 1967, although originally each of the smaller towns in the area wanted its own district. The District has a traditional nine-month schedule due to the farming industry in the area.

    Clarksburg Elementary School has a large Hispanic enrollment. Staff members told the Grand Jury that they have seen a decrease in the migrant population in the last few years, reducing the English as Second Language (ESL) problem evidenced in several other Sacramento County school districts. The school has a "New Comer" program which evaluates the English proficiency of the students and a modified English immersion program, with teachers and teacher aides tutoring students. Teachers without Bilingual Cross Cultural Language Academic Development (BCLAD) credentials are required to obtain the certificates on their own time; upon completion, the District reimburses the teachers for any associated out-of-pocket expenses.

    The Grand Jury was told that Clarksburg High School, immediately adjacent to the elementary school, has a population of less than 300 students. Because of a very involved community, there are many donations towards college scholarships. The school has an active 4-H program; many of the high school's graduates go on to study agriculture.

    The staff stated that there is an interdistrict cooperative agreement between Yolo County and Sacramento County in which volunteers help to staff libraries and gymnasium/community center buildings.

    There is also a school site council, which includes teachers, parents and administrators.

    There are no charter or private schools in this district.


    The Grand Jury observed that there is a "small family" feeling in the District. Student discipline problems appear minimal. These factors are conducive to teacher recruitment and retention. Although Clarksburg Elementary School has a "well-worn" look, it appears to be well-maintained. The Grand Jury also observed very good teacher/student interchange during its tour of the classrooms.

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1998/99 Sacramento County Grand Jury - Final Report (Internet Version) June 30, 1999

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