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The 1998 - 1999 Sacramento County Grand Jury

    Alfred Anderson; Mark E. Cowan; Ernest J. Brooker; Miguel Mejia; Vincent C. Agusiegbe; John W. Johnson. Middle row, L to R: Stephen F. Wright; Kelly P. Morrow; Kathleen O. Pulse; Mary E. Coggins; Deborah M. Krieger , L to R: Bruce R. Madewell; Marsha L. Bianconi; Executive Secretary Michelle Dillen; Foreperson Doris V. Alexis; Jane F. Naify; Jackie R. Thayer; Sheri L. Adams; Ronald Parsons Sr.; Michael E. Strech.

    The 1998 - 1999 Sacramento County Grand Jury included:

    A special education teacher; an employment counselor; a former state agency director, now an executive vice president of a national firm; two governmental program analysts; a retired engineer/manager; a retired fire chief; a veterinarian who is also a university professor; a casualty insurance supervisor; an accounting technician; a retired logistics management specialist; an air quality engineer; a collection supervisor; an electromechanic; a foreign student placement coordinator; a retired managed health care executive; the owner of a small business; the manager of a federal mine land restoration program; and a state housing and community development representative.

    Some jurors classified as "retired" were anything but; some were rearing children; some had grown children. Two jurors had served on the previous year's Grand Jury and provided invaluable advice to the rest of us.

    During our many forays into the community, our long hours of evening meetings and our efforts to hammer out our Report, we respected one another's diverse viewpoints. We tried always to remember what our predecessors told us: "The work of the Grand Jury must go forward."

    So, we have approached our job with diligence, respect for tradition and the confidentiality required of all grand jurors. We have tried to prepare a readable and interesting Final Report that we hope will encourage you to be more aware of what your local government does and how it does it. Above all -- acting on your behalf as an impartial body with special dispensation to inspect the workings of local government --we have tried to look at facilities, procedures and situations as you, the citizens of Sacramento County, would have.

1998/99 Sacramento County Grand Jury - Final Report (Internet Version) June 30, 1999

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