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    The 1997/98 Sacramento County Grand Jury

    Doris Alexis Jo-Carol Arisman
    Daniel Calcagno Robert Canfield
    John Joseph Michael King
    Derrick Lim Patricia Lower
    Mazelle Meyers Karyn Meyreles
    Janet McCormick Charlene Mitchell
    Jane Naify Phyllis Painter
    Mona Petersen Stephen Pongratz
    Akio Seo Priscilla Yonemura

    One of the greatest strengths of the grand jury process is that it brings together a cross-section of the community. Each of us brings different experiences, interests and abilities. Each has different strengths and weaknesses. Taken as a whole, we are in a good position to review issues without the sense that any one point of view, or bias will dominate the process. We have a wide array of recreational interests, ranging from the most active sports, to the more pensive pursuits.

    That said, of the 19 Grand Jurors, we have in our ranks persons associated with private enterprise, while others have current or prior experience working for government at the city, county, state or federal level. Despite the demanding pace of the Grand Jury, only two of our members are full-time retirees and volunteers. The rest contribute their time in addition to holding down full-time or part-time jobs. Among our members are a part-time librarian, an office manager and paralegal, systems software and computer specialists, a chef, several governmental program analysts and program managers, current and former deputy directors of state agencies, a former state agency director, an employment counselor, a technical writer, a chief of security, a quality product manager, and two attorneys.

    We have worked very hard to investigate all complaints brought to our attention, and to "look over the shoulders" of all governmental entities in our jurisdiction on your behalf. We have been diligent in striving to be both thorough and fair. In closing, it is our hope that this report will not only be of interest to you, but will also encourage you to participate more actively in all phases of government in this County.

1997/98 Sacramento County Grand Jury - Final Report (Internet Version) June 30, 1998

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