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    Election Observer Panel

    The 1997/98 Sacramento County Grand Jury participated as members of the Election Observer Panel for the Primary Election held in Sacramento County on June 2, 1998. Grand Jurors observed procedures at various county polling sites, such as opening of the polls, distribution and collection of ballots, and closing of the polls. After the polls closed, Grand Jurors observed the collection of all precinct ballots and supplies at the Voter Registration & Election Office near Bradshaw and Goethe Roads.

    Grand Jurors commented on observations and discussed issues with the Registrar of Voters. The operation was impressive considering the magnitude of the job: directing traffic, controlling collection of 893 precincts' ballots and supplies, and counting and reporting ballot results. This one-day operation does not include the logistics involved in securing polling places and precinct officers, training the officers, and providing supplies in a timely manner for election day.

    Grand Jurors were very impressed with the individuals who serve as precinct officers, the majority of whom return each election year to work a long day of over 15 hours. The Grand Jury commends those individuals, groups, and staff working the election, and highly recommends that citizens participate in all aspects of the election process to fully understand all that is involved.

    Thank You ... to the Sacramento City Police and the City's Police Canine Unit, and the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, Helicopter Patrol, and River Patrol. Grand Jurors had the opportunity to ride along and observe these departments in action. A special thanks to the dedicated officers who allowed Grand Jurors to spend time with them.

1997/98 Sacramento County Grand Jury - Final Report (Internet Version) June 30, 1998

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