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    Ad Hoc Committee

    Ad Hoc Complaint Log

    The following is a list of complaints received and investigated by the Ad Hoc Committee.

Complaint No.

Brief Description of Complaint



Allegation of inappropriate activity.

In Final Report


Allegation regarding administrative mismanagement.

In Final Report

    Complaint #98-39

      Sacramento City Mayor's Office


    The Sacramento County Grand Jury received a complaint regarding the legality and appropriateness of using government time and resources to misrepresent the position of a business organization on its own letterhead. A letter was written by a staff person in the Mayor's Office and was given to two city officials and a person unrelated to the Mayor's Office. This letter and its contents could have had serious implications related to a multi-million dollar project.

    Finding & Recommendation

    Finding: Allegedly intended as a joke, the letter was an inappropriate use of staff time and resources. The letter misrepresented a business organization's position. Based upon its investigation, the Grand Jury concluded there was a serious error in judgment.

    Recommendation: The Mayor's Office should adhere to the policies and procedures governing the use of staff time and the City's resources.

            The Mayor's Office staff should not misrepresent the position of a business organization.

    Response Required
    The Penal Code requires responses to the recommendations contained in this report be submitted to the Presiding Judge of the Sacramento Superior and Municipal Courts by September 30, 1998, from: The Mayor of the City of Sacramento.

1997/98 Sacramento County Grand Jury - Final Report (Internet Version) June 30, 1998

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