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    Edit Committee

    Each Grand Jury may issue any number of interim reports on its findings during the course of its term of office. The Grand Jury is required by law, however, to issue a final report at the end of its term. It is the responsibility of the Edit Committee to review the materials submitted by Grand Jurors for grammar, punctuation, and clarity. Committee members also edit all correspondence sent by the Grand Jury under the foreperson's signature.

    The Grand Jury consists of individuals, each of whom has unique writing styles and different approaches to composing reports. It is the challenge of the Edit Committee to assist with the presentation of a report which includes a diversity of ideas, and provides a clear picture to the reader. The final document is a report to the residents of Sacramento County, by a cross-section of its citizens, and the content reflects that. It is the goal of the Grand Jury as a whole to work together as a team, capitalizing on strengths and experiences to produce the Final Report.

    The previous Grand Jury increased the distribution of the Final Report. Continuing to increase distribution and readership should result in a greater awareness of the Grand Jury's:

      · Complaint process.
      · Role and responsibilities, including its "ombudsman" function.
      · Civil duties, as distinct from its criminal duties.

    The Grand Jury's goal is to be a catalyst for change to improve local government. This report provides the vehicle to publicize the many examples of concerns and "good government" found within local entities.

    This year's Grand Jury is also taking steps to assure the availability of its report on the Internet at the same time it is distributed locally: www.sna.com/courts/gjury

    DID YOU KNOW ... You're lucky if you receive this Final Report, as only 50,000 copies were distributed throughout Sacramento County. When finished, pass this report along to someone who has not received it.

1997/98 Sacramento County Grand Jury - Final Report (Internet Version) June 30, 1998

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